Mission Statement:
We in the Ansley School are committed to the success of all our students.

Our Philosophy…..

     The philosophy of Ansley Public School System is to provide an equal educational process in relation to the characteristics and needs of the individual student and the community this school serves. The purposes of this school is to challenge the student to discover, develop and supply knowledge in a changing, complex society and to extend learning experiences designed to motivate individual creativeness and develop a positive self image. Thus, the Ansley Public School System will seek to accomplish these purposes through the commitment and involvement of every person in the community.

District Goals/Objectives…..

1) To develop an educational environment that ensures the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of each child.

2) To provide financial policies that ensure adequate educational facilities, equipment, and materials to aid in the accomplishment of the school’s educational philosophy.

3) To acquire qualified personnel and promote the professional growth and retention of the school’s personnel.

4) To develop moral and ethical values for effective participation in and responsibility for the democratic process.

5) To provide students the opportunity to develop the necessary reading, writing, computing, and speaking skills so that they may effectively communicate in our society.

6) To develop an appreciation of the arts through the knowledge and understanding of nature’s surroundings.

7) To provide a continuous educational program for all students which offers a sequential development of the various attitudes, skills, career information, and the realization of self awareness in order that the individual will be able to achieve an appropriate career goal and an appreciation for the dignity of work.

8) To develop student activities which emphasize moral, physical, social, and spiritual growth related to the wise use of leisure time.

9) To provide educational opportunities for adults of this school district.

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